Board Members

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact one of our Board Members.

President- Mary Vedros mary.vedros@gmail.com
Vice-President- Mike McMillian themcmillians@cox.net
Secretary- Jennifer Bourg jjbourg@cox.net
Treasurer- Patricia Champagne pdchampagne@durrhc.com
Social Chair- Dani Hardy dani.hardy@magellanlp.com
Swim Team Representative- Ellen Gassen ephymel@hotmail.com
Maintenance Representative –  Jason Knowles knolesjason@cox.net and Ron Tamplain mojo_jojo@bellsouth.net
Tennis Representative- Mimi Cheramie mimicheramie@yahoo.com
Past President – Heather Hargrave hhargra@tulane.edu

Members At Large
Paige Graham paigegraham@cox.net
Shannon Madden sdmadden@cox.net
Sharon Mato smato@bellsouth.net
Tammy Kliebert  tammykliebert@yahoo.com
Suzanne Phillips phillipsclan5@gmail.com
Carolyn Unger littlecoonie@cox.net
Joan Roussel jroussel4@yahoo.com
Shelley France thefrancefour@yahoo.com
Lisa Dufrene  LBDufrene@yahoo.com


Meeting Minutes

June 2014




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